Monday, March 17, 2014

The Weekend Report: Yes! You Read That Right!!!!

First, I must rant! I just spent an hour writing up this post, previewing along the way, and was almost close. I fumbled fingered it somehow, and all my text was gone! Vanished! Not saved as a draft, just gone. ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Now I don't have the patience to rewrite it as I had it. Sigh!

Here's an abbreviated version:

This past weekend, Jimmy and I actually tried our hand (and my knee) at an agility trial. I needed to know where I was in my recovery. I truly didn't want the big AKC National Agility Championship at the end of this month to be our first try since early December.

Currently, Jimmy and I are sitting at Double-Q #19. We need twenty to complete our championship title called a MACH. We already have all the points we need so it's just getting that last double-Q. Ordinarily, my nerves would have been on overdrive, worrying about getting two successful runs. But, having no idea if I could really even run, let alone run fast enough to show Jimmy where to go, and also worried that it could potentially be very painful, I had no nerves at all about earning Double-Q #20! I just wanted to see if I could do agility at this point in my recovery. And I found out, yes, I can! Woohoo!

No doubt about it, I have a significant limp. I don't have full speed capability yet. But I learned I have enough to get through a course without frustrating Jimmy. And it really doesn't hurt, just feels odd or maybe twingey.Even after two days of agility, my leg was not sore this morning. This is really happy news. I still have another 10 days I can use to improve my stride now that I trust my leg more.

As to how the weekend went, course wise, let's just say we came very close to earning our championship. Each day, just one downed bar stood in our way. When you consider that my lurching stride was a big distraction for Jimmy, he did a great job. Saturday just one JWW bar, Sunday in Standard, the top bar of the triple. Other than that we had nice runs where I managed to get to where I needed to be.

In addition to our Jumpers and Standard runs, this trial also offered Time2Beat. In an effort to spare my knee too much work, my friend Gretchen handled Jimmy for those runs both days. Many dogs won't run for anyone but their owner. However, with just a tiny bit of angst and a brief look back at me, Jimmy flew around the courses with Gretchen like they had done it 100 times before. Gretchen runs her own Pembroke Corgis, so Jimmy's speed and style of running were pretty familiar and she did a wonderful job, Q'ing both days! She even finished our Time2Beat (T2B) title for us. Thank you, Gretchen!

Jimmy's registered name is now:

Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man RN HT MX3 MXJ4 MJB MXB OF T2B

How's that for alphabet soup?

The weekend leaves me feeling very hopeful that I can go to the big event feeling, if not ready, maybe secure in the knowledge I'll be able to get around the ring. The truth of the matter is, even before my knee, we were never going to the podium. The accomplishment for us was in the qualifying. And for me, the experience of competing at a big National event. So barring anymore unexpected surprises, we'll be there! It may not be our A game, but we will be there!

Here's are a few videos.....

Saturday Standard:

Sunday JWW

Sunday Standard:

Sunday Time2Beat:


  1. Love the new header! What are they licking in that picture (the header)? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Wow - that's quite the name! Congrats! Glad to hear you are mobile again, although "twingey" doesn't sound good! I'm sure Jimmy loved getting back out there!

  3. You guys looked good out there on the course!! Bet it felt really good to be back at it and reassuring knowing that you can keep up and get through it. Hard to believe that Nationals are right around the corner. I have a friend going up and showing 2 of her dogs in the Rally portion Friday. We'll be cheering you guys on from here!! And of course waiting for a report!! Jimmy does have quite an alphabet behind his name. And very cool that he was able to run for someone else and earned another title!!

  4. Well that is good news about your knee and BOL we are chuckling over Jimmy's name.
    Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day and may luck be with you.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Congratulations! So happy the knew not only held out, but wasn't sore the next day.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  6. Yay!!! I'm so happy it went well and you're going to be able to run! Can't wait for Pennsylvania! #TeamDailyCorgi

  7. That is a beautiful name and glad all is going well with you and your knee.

  8. Congratulations, and hope your knee heals up well!

  9. It was so good to see you back in the ring this weekend Taryn. You didn't seem nervous at all, and you both ran great! Glad your knee is healing well.


  10. Congratulations. He is fun to watch!

  11. Was just wondering about your knee the other day. Glad you could get back out there! With that many initials after his name, Jimmy could get a job at any university in the country!

  12. That's fantastic!! The knee and the agility. You will be in tip top shape for summer.

  13. WooooHoooooo!!! Way to go Jimmy!! You guys looked FABulous out there! Your Moms looked like she was only limping a bit! That is great ~ butts even betters is that it didn't hurt much! yea!!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Amazing. Because I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering how your knee was healing. You've come a long way in a short time. You must be really relieved.

  15. Both you and Jimmy look awesome!!! I cannot believe how well you're moving. Your stride looks a lot more symmetrical than I expected. And Jimmy was watching you so closely. Way to go. You must be so happy to be back out there!


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