Saturday, December 5, 2009

Middleburg Christmas Parade

Middleburg, Virginia is the heart of Virginia's horse country. Every year they host a Christmas parade through their main street.

This year's parade began with the local fox hunting club coming through in full regalia.

Here's Jimmy cheering them on...He was very enthusiastic!

This parade always has the Corgi Corps. It was a small contingent due to the very unusual snowy weather. Usually there are 50-60 corgis, at least 25 Cardis or so....This year maybe only 20 all tallied.

People on mules, not too common.....

Llamas....they were smelly!

Jimmy and Wilson, of course.....

Santa finished up the parade, arriving by draft horse. Even he didn't know it would snow, and he had left the sleigh and reindeer at home!

On the way home, we saw this Christmas Tree stand...How beautiful and classic in the snowy weather.


  1. Gosh -- these are gorgeous photos. I love the snow and the horses; I've not ridden a foxhunt for so, so long. :) I miss having horses that jump, sigh...

    And the Corgis -- wow, that looks like fun! Jimmy and Wilson are great out there; I bet the clean up on the underbelly later rivals our muddy rain clean up. :)

    Also, my crew and I say thank you, thank you so much for our exchange presents! They're wonderful. The sock, though is now the new toy of contention, and Simon keeps taking it down off the bookcase and running off with it. ;)

  2. How cool (yes, literally as well); I want to be there! That is the best parade ever!! Nice blog as well...


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