Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Do it Already!

I set this blog up way back in February! Since then, I've been trying to figure out how to begin. Well, here it is 4 months later and the only thing I use my blog for is to see which of my favorite Cardi-blogs have recent updates! So without further ado, here are some pictures from the agility trial I attended this weekend:

This is the long driveway headed in to the fields where the agility trail was held. It is such a lovely setting. On the left is my young boy, Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man CGC, aka Jimmy. On the right, my seasoned competitor, Caduceus Castaway Wilson AJP OAP NFP CGC, aka Wilson.

This picture of two emus was taken sitting on the tailgate of my parked car. It was just a small bit of the eye-and-nose candy available to the dogs who came to compete on Saturday. Before I knew what he was doing, Wilson had enjoyed a good roll in emu pee. Very smelly stuff!

Next on the list of fun things to see and do......llamas!

The first llama evidently showed enough interest in Wilson that his buddies became curious. While Wilson was able to take the llamas in calm stride, young Jimmy found them much too stimulating to be in close proximity, thus no photos of him in this scenario!

This is my favorite shot from the day and definitely the highlight for Wilson and Jimmy. The agility trial was held at a lovely farm bordering on the Chesapeake Bay. This dock was part of the farm and had lovely waterviews and a nice sandy beach. Wilson's one true passion in life is to swim so he couldn't have been happier than getting down to the water after his runs were through. Posing for this picture was painful as he just wanted back in the water!

And finally, here's Jimmy enjoying a good roll in some dried fish guts. Tongue out and happily grunting!

So, you are left wondering how the agility trial went......Wilson did great in Novice FAST-P, taking first place to complete his NFP title. In Excellent Std and JWW, his weaving troubles persisted so we NQ'd in both those runs, although other than the weaves, he did a nice job.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cardi blogs. Your guys look great. What a fabulour setting for a trial. penni

  2. I'm so glad you're finally blogging! I'm in love with your black dog. I think he looks SO COOL!

  3. OK - here's another huge difference between Spence and Wilson - that picture of Wilson calmly observing the llamas. OMG - Spencer would have been a whirling dervish trying to get in the pasture with them so that he could run circles around them. And forget about running agility anywhere in the same zip code. As soon as I led out at the line, he would have made a bee line back to the llamas.

  4. Wonderful! Now, you can be my inspiration for me to get off my hindquarters and get my blog going.


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