Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We all learned about Einstein's Theory of Relativity in school.... E=mc2, right?(annoyingly, I can't figure out how to get the number two to type as a squared designation). Well, I'd like to propose a new theory. The Theory of Ultimate Cuteness or E=wc2 (again, the squared issue....). Entertainment = Wilson's Cuteness Squared.

Let me explain.....

You may (or may not, depending on how much time you've spent in my blog archives) recall that Wilson has a really cute habit of rolling up in rugs , especially one in particular . He has another endearing habit of howling (btw, that howling post was my very first Wordless Wednesday post, where it all started so to speak.). Here's another look at the loquacious pup .

OK, just one of those little quirks alone is really, really cute! But when the two of them show up together, we have attained Ultimate Cuteness!

Let me illustrate......

Wait for it......


Extreme close-up!

So what do you say? Have I proven my theory or is more research needed?
(Yes, I could be a wee bit biased toward the test subject!)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Just Noticed Something.........

Jimmy and Wilson like to play indoor fetch with their "Squeakies"....CUZ dog toys. All I have to say is "Go get your Squeakie!" and Jim runs to the toy basket, grabs his blue CUZ and heads for the basement. Wilson, runs for the basket, but isn't quite as definite. Sometimes he gets his Squeakie, sometimes he gets his Rat. Jimmy always has had a better command of the English language.....

Anyway.....I'll blame it on my middle-age vision...I only just recently noticed this......

Look! This toy was custom made for ..... JW
This toy was made especially for Jimmy and Wilson! It was even given their initials!
I don't know why it took me so long to notice this!
Hmmmmm....Maybe we should be collecting royalties?!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Training for All Contingencies

When you start training to compete in agility with your dog, one of the points your instructor will probably make is that you need to train for possible oddities you might encounter at a trial. Obviously you can't think of all the weird stuff that might happen, but some of the more likely. An example would be that the judge might wear a flamboyant hat, or have a hood pulled up. A weirder one that lots of dogs have reacted to is at indoor soccer fields (where most agility trials in my area are held). These fields hang advertisements along the walls of the fields, or in some cases, paint them on the walls. At one facility, there is a painted life-size male soccer player running/kicking the ball. More than a few dogs have been unnerved by this, and had their runs go bad.

 I imagine the same type of training is needed in the horse world as well. Now, I've only ever trained one little western-style colt and that was when I was 15. I didn't know much about breaking a horse and just learned as I went. If you plan to compete in Hunter/Jumper events, I am sure you need to de-spook your horse as much as possible. Which leads me to ask the question.....

How the heck do you teach your horse not to fear the GIANT SEAL ???? (or whatever it is!)

This comically carved log was in a barn full of various horse jumps at the park we visited on Monday. I can only imagine a horse flying across the field, jump, jump, and then slamming to a stop with a big WTF?!

Have a great weekend, Everyone! And be sure to train for those giants seals!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've Decided to Move...

The Washington, DC suburbs are a pricey place to live. Real Estate takes a big bite out of your budget, and you don't get much of a yard despite how much money it costs. That being said, we've decided to move a bit further out into the countryside where you get more for your money, both in land and house....

What do you think? Pretty nice, huh? The boys sure think so!

The front yard is so big, the boys are just tiny dots!

Here they are guarding the front gate:

It's going to be a BIG job keeping the front and back forty safe from intruders! All eyes are peeled!

Camouflaged for stealthier sentry duty!

The mailman won't make it past this spot......

Of course, I jest! While I would love to have a much larger yard, that house is way too big. Can you imagine keeping it clean? But the hallways would be great for indoor fetch!

Yesterday, being President's Day, meant I had the day off from work. I wanted to walk the boys someplace new, and have some good photo-ops. It was a beautiful, warmish day, so we headed out to Morven Park just outside of Leesburg, Va, and only a short drive away. The house was the home of a wealthy former Virginia governor and is now a National Register Historic Property. It sits on about a 1000 acres of land, and is a combination of historic buildings and an equestrian center. The land is used for steeplechase events and has  large horse jumps scattered throughout the fields. I've even come to the park for an outdoor agility trial a couple of times.

I have a couple more pictures to share from our day, but I'd best save them. Blog fodder is always at a premium so I had better spread them out just a bit ;-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tag! You're It !!!

Click to biggify all the silliness!
Jimmy and Wilson like a rousing game of tag after breakfast. It's particularly fun on a cold morning. There's only one trouble with it. Both boys want to be the one that gets chased, so sometimes the game stalls out.

Wilson: Neener, neener! You can't catch me!
Jimmy: NO! You can't catch me!

Eventually they figure it out and have a good time.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Every Breath You Take......

Every move you make
Every step you take
I'll be watching you......

Click to enlarge. Even Wilson's breath shows up......

The boys had a rousing game of tag this morning. The temperature, the humidity levels, and the sunlight came together just right for me to catch the wisps of breath steaming out of their warm bodies. As they stared into one another's eyes, it brought Sting's song to mind.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

True Love

I thought I'd tell a tale of canine friendship for my Valentine's post.....

When Wilson was just a pup, say maybe about 7 months old, we were out for a walk. On that day, we each made a new and lasting friendship. A rambunctious chocolate lab came bounding over to greet us, shortly followed by his owner. We exchanged a few pleasantries, talked about our dogs, where we lived, etc. and then went our separate ways. This was just before Christmas, and our paths didn't cross again until maybe February. After that, we started planning our Saturday morning walks together. The dogs had company, the people had company, and friendships were built. We even progressed to dog-sitting for each other during vacations. Since Wilson (at the time) and the lab, Mousse, were both only-dogs (like an only child....), they really enjoyed their time together.  For several years, we continued our regular walks together. At one point, Mousse tore his ACL and wasn't able to take long walks for nearly a year. Wilson happily went along on the swimming re-hab appointments. And then, of course, Jimmy came along, which changed routines as well. A young pup can't do the long distances. Wilson would still get to visit with his best bud, just not as often. He was always very thrilled to see Mousse.  You could not mistake his joy! Jimmy may have become his little brother, but Mousse remains his soul-mate. Mousse has just turned 12, and there is no doubt he is slowing down. He's got some knee or hip issues that are starting to bother him and long walks are mostly a thing of the past. Wilson and he don't see each other too often any more. But when they do, it's like one of those sappy romantic scenes, long lost loves running towards one another with open arms. They had one of these chance encounters on their morning walks recently. Wilson has the cutest little dance he does as he sidles up to say hello. He grins ear to ear and his eyes fill with love. I had my camera with me that day, but wasn't really able to capture it. It all happened so quickly and I fumbled for the camera that was tucked in my coat. But, here, albeit a bit blurry, is what canine love looks like ......

I wish you all time well spent with your soul-mate today!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras !!! .....Or in Our Case.....

....I think it should be Happy Cardi Gras !!!

The boys in their best Mardi Gras bling

Ready for the Cardi Krewe parade float

After one large Hurricane drink at Pat O'Brien's

After a full night on Bourbon Street

Many eons ago, fresh out of college, I spent almost a year living in New Orleans, La. In that short time, the city wormed its way into my heart like no other. It has a very unique feel. It is one of this country's must-see cities in my opinion. And it can throw a party like no one's business! I've been to three Mardi Gras, and I can't remember a single one! No, just kidding! But they are a blast. Between the parades and their incredible floats, all the fun bling you get to catch, and then the bar crawl on Bourbon Street, there's no worry about about observing Lent, because you aren't going to want to eat or drink for a month afterwards anyway!
If you ever get the chance, be sure to give New Orleans a few days of your time. It doesn't have to be during Mardi Gras as the city has so much more to offer. Beautiful architecture, amazing food, and very friendly people, it's all there.

Now.....back to the festivities of the day.....


And when you wake up the next morning, your vision will feel like this!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Down to the Root of It All!

What camera? I don't see a camera?
Jimmy would have none of it when it came to his modeling duties for this shot. I feel like I take a lot more pictures of Wilson just because he's so much more cooperative. I wanted to give Jimmy a chance at being the star, but he would not look at the camera! Here is a prime example. I made every possible noise to catch his attention, and he Would. Not. Look. Wilson gazed into the lens continually........

Jimmy: That big Cyclops eye scares me!
I don't  know. Maybe it's an indoor vs outdoor thing.....Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see both boys giving it their all to entertain you!

Friday, February 8, 2013

New England is Getting a Blizzard........

.....and all we are getting here in Northern Virginia is a very slushy dusting..........

Just once every winter, it would be nice to get hit with a lot of snow!

So....many times I've mentioned walking my guys on the W and OD trail that is directly behind my house. You may also have noticed the power lines that run along the trail. That's because the local power company has legal right-of-way to run their lines on the trail. But it also requires them to manage the vegetation, to ensure it doesn't overgrow the lines and towers. They do this by pretty much bulldozing under the wires about once every five years. This winter was one of those years. It opened up areas that were buried in briars and blackberry bushes. Before, it was only passable if you were a bunny, now it's wide open, which led me to this rather odd photo op......

Another missed Wordless Wednesday opportunity, I am sure!
This chair has been out in the elements a very long time by the looks of it. Solid oak lasts a long time!

Jimmy is not nearly the model Wilson is. He's a bit camera shy and it can be very hard to get him to look into the lens. But today, he did not want to be left out. He practically jumped into my arms for his turn!

NO! My big butt did not break this chair!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!
Stay safe if you are in the path of the big blizzard!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Bad Throw.....

When the boys return from their morning walk, they always like a nice game of fetch before heading back inside. I guess they need to burn off the last of their energy. Occasionally, as I've mentioned before , my aim isn't the greatest. This time, the chuck-it squirrel wedged a leg in the branches of a tree.....

The chuck-it is Wilson's toy, so he tried his best to retrieve it, to no avail......

It's mine! I've got it!
Wilson's struggle looked like a lot of fun to Jimmy, who of course had to horn in!

That's about 75 pounds of corgi hanging from the chuck-it!
As Jimmy amps up, Wilson backs off. He knows what happens when Jim gets over-excited!

Can you see Wilson's whiskers? He's ready to snag it if Jimmy pulls it loose.

Jimmy is nothing if not determined!

Then, all of the sudden, after much yanking, pulling, shaking and gripping.......
....the plastic "foot" ripped off and Jimmy landed on his butt! Splat!

Can't believe I caught it on camera!
This squirrel is on its last legs ;-) Pun-intended!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Table for One Please!

We were out in the yard playing fetch the other day when I noticed Jimmy's agility table had blown over. Before I picked it up to save the little patch of grass underneath, I said, "Hey, Jimmy! Table!" and the good little boy popped right on. So why is it so difficult in the agility ring? ;-)

I get a treat for this, right?!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Overnight Wednesday into Thursday we had POURING rain. You could hear it roaring on the roof of the house. Fortunately, by morning, when it was time for a walk, the rain had moved on.

We headed in our usual direction on the W & OD trail , just as the sun was rising. The heavy rains had caused some run-off erosion and the left-over water was being lit by the sun. I liked the way the water twisted and turned through the gravel.

Here are a couple of shots, taken a few minutes apart....

Cool tones before the sun broke through....

Warm tones when the sun found a hole in the clouds....

And finally, just to give you an idea of how much rain we truly got.....Here's a bench down by the big lake in the neighborhood. Obviously it was not installed with it's legs in the lake! The water had gotten so deep at one point that the bench was under water. Look at all that debris.

Looks comfy, no?

Have a great weekend, Everyone!
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