Friday, September 30, 2011

Last But Not Least.....

Well, I think I have finally come to the end of the pictures from our vacation. Since it seems we never go anywhere but Myrtle, I guess my photos get a bit repetitive. But I do have a fun time seeing what the camera coughs up!

After many weekends without, I have an agility trial this weekend. It's an outdoor event, so hopefully the weather cooperates. We have had endless rain lately. The agility course may be a mudpit, who knows....Anyway, think good thoughts for us as we continue our quest for Double-Qs.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Other Black Beauty

Handsome devil, isn't he? OK, I'm a little bit partial......

The blog title I chose brings up an old memory of first Cardi, Dylan. When he was a young pup and then an busy adolescent, he had free run of my apartment at the time. I knew nothing of crate training and the many benefits it provided. So, of course, it was always a crap shoot as to what I would find when I got home from work. He did an incredible amount of damage on his journey to adulthood! On one particular day, I came home to find he had taken an interest in the small bookcase I had. It was a piece of furniture my father had made by hand and had done a beautiful job with. Dylan had chewed off one of the corners, and scattered all the books around on the floor. The books were mainly contemporary novels, left over college text books, etc. Dylan had pretty much ignored all of the books, except one. The only one I really didn't want torn up, my 1929 copy of Black Beauty filled with beautiful color plates by the artist N.C.Wyeth. The cover was chewed to ruin, many pages torn out and the binding tugged apart. It was a total loss and fit only for the trash can. *Sigh*  It was completely my fault. A young dog should never be left to his own devices. But why, oh why, did he have to pick that book?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Mailbox.........but NCC*

*NCC...No Corgi Content

On the day we  headed to the beach without the boys, we took a long, leisurely walk north, headed toward that far off North Carolina town. After walking and hunting for Sand Dollars for about thirty minutes, we could spy an American flag poking up above one of the dunes. As we got closer, more of the scene revealed itself.....

We had come upon a mailbox in the middle of nowhere. Climbing the dune and looking behind the mailbox showed that there was nothing but more dunes, scrubland, and salt marshes. Of course, curiosity demanded that we look inside the box. It was filled with notebooks and pens. The notebooks were filled with comments of all kinds written by beach combers like us. One whole notebook was filled on 9/11, comments reflecting the writers' memories of that day. Some notebooks contained letters written by smitten teenagers. In yet another, one poignant note started, "Dear Daddy, This is my first visit to the mailbox since you left to be with our Lord. I miss you so very much.....". That one left quite a lump in my throat and stinging eyes. Many other comments where just people from all over, stating they had been there on such and such a day and where they were from. All in all, the mailbox was a very interesting and insightful find.

Of course, John and I each left our own notes behind. But if you want to know what we wrote, you will need to discover this odd little spot for yourselves.

I'll end with one more picture from that walk. The clouds that day were huge and towering!

Friday, September 23, 2011


....We have the nerve! to go to a beach without the boys. This beach is right on the South Carolina/North Carolina line. You need a boat to get to it, or take a very, very long walk from a NC beach town further north along the beach.....

Or, as someone did, ride a beach bike.....

It was old and weathered and very photogenic.

No people for miles around....Ahhhh!

So pretty and peaceful

The little rectangle in the water is our jetski.

I love Sea Oats.

Me playing King of the Hill, or in this case Sand Dune.

The beach was covered in Sand Dollars, but since most were broken I just call it Spare Change.
We brought some lunch along which ensured we had friends. Apparently gulls don't eat carrots or peppers. Click to enlarge.

On the ride home, we stopped for a beer at a restaurant on the InterCoastal Waterway. This is what we looked at.

What a view!
Best She-Crab Soup Ever!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach

Last spring when we visited Myrtle Beach, downtown on the new boardwalk, the very beginnings of a Sky Wheel were in the works. This time, this huge 200 foot high ferris wheel was fully operational. The glass cars hold up to 8 people and are fully air-conditioned. Alas, no pets allowed so no Way-up! pictures of Wilson on the ride.

 Now I do have a little bit of fear of heights, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! I just knew the view would be too great to miss. The wheel is covered in lights and runs through a range of colors and patterns. It's very pretty to watch. Our condo is at least a couple of miles north, but you can still see the wheel all lit up at night if you stand out on the beach.

A view from the 14th St. pier restaurant

Standing right next to it on the boardwalk side.

A view of the main drag from up top!

The reflection of the wheel on a nearby hotel

Looking up at the base as we exited the ride

Down the street a bit as we headed to the car

One final shot from Wilson's WW shoot.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early Morning

A cup of coffee and this view: What a way to start the day!

We had some gorgeous sunny and hot weather for a few days. However, the cold snap that has hit the country in many areas has also arrived in Myrtle Beach. It went from the high 80's/low 90's to not quite reaching 70! Today is overcast and misty over the ocean. The boys don't mind the change though!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes You Win.......

Alright! We made it out!

Sometimes You Lose.........

Holy Crap!

I really didn't want saltwater in my ears!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wilson's View

Here's what Wilson sees if he isn't looking down at the ground for dogs/people to watch.........But NCC.

Looking north up the coast, 11 floors up.

Full moon over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's All Relative......

...... to Jimmy.

 Anne, of Fine Creek Cardigans, just sent me a very recent photo of Jimmy's beautiful grandmother Taffy (owned, trained and loved by Janet D.). She turned 15 in July and is still going strong. She was still doing agility at 13! She has earned many performance titles and is a Champion as well. I sure hope that Jimmy inherited her longevity!

Here she is:

CH Fine Creek's Salt Water Taffy
 While I am on the topic of relatives, I also have a photo of Jimmy's grandfather, Laser. I met him at one of the Cardigan Nat'l Specialties I attended in KY, so the picture is not too recent. He also has many performance titles in addition to his championship.

CH Coedwig Vestavia Luminescence
 And last but certainly not least, an adorable photo of Jimmy with his mother (Faeriesteed’s Deep Blue Sea, “Gidget”)  taken by Anne:

Can it get any cuter?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Scottish Festival

On Saturday, there was a Scottish Festival out toward the mountains at a place called Great Meadows in The Plains, Virginia. It advertised itself as being very dog-friendly and it was. Unfortunately, the weather was anything but...It was super-humid and hot. When we left home it was overcast so the heat didn't seem so bad. By the time we reached the event, and the sun broke through, phew, it was steamy.

No Scottish event is complete without bagpipes and kilts!
While primarily a Scottish theme, one of the fences was lines with flags from all over........

Near and dear to us Cardi loving folk....The Welsh flag.

An interesting fellow......

In order to interest John in going, I told him the event was including a British car show. Little did I know, it was a very, very small show!

These were about it for the car show. Ten to fifteen cars, tops!

Next we came upon a booth offering Welsh cookies. There was a whole history behind the cookies as they were the same recipe used for generations. These cookies used to go down in the mines with the men because they kept so well. So here you have a picture of my Welsh Corgis in front of his Welsh Cookies!

Who could pass up this photo-op?
Included in the event was a herding demonstration with a well-trained border collie. It was in a large field and the sheep were pretty far off. We sat in the only sliver of shade we could find, gave the boys some water, and waited. The woman hosting the show talked on and the hot sun....and had lost half her audience by the time she finally got to the demo. As the BC started it's amazingly long and wide outrun to get the sheep, it's movement finally caught Jimmy's eye. I love the intensity in his eye. The wheels in his head turned on and started spinning. I know he must have been thinking: Oh! Thank doG! She did bring us to this stinking hot place for a good reason. Maybe this will be worth it afterall." Of course, it was not to be. I felt rather bad for getting his hopes up.

Wait a minute! Is that what I think it is?!?!
 And here is Wilson, taking in the scene. Knowing him as I do, I can see his wheels turning, too!

Now that's what I'm talking about! Sheep!

Jimmy to Wilson: Hey, dude, tell me you see it too!? I can't believe my eyes! Oh, happy days!

And what Celtic event would be complete without a dragon? Or a burly man in a skirt, for that matter!
 By the time we had walked to the end of a row of vendors and back, we were all over-heated and cranky. It had the potential to be a fun outing for the dogs, but they really do wilt in that kind of weather. Me, too!

But our day wasn't done yet! We hopped back in the car, got the A/C blasting, and headed for part two of our day! And it more than made up for the tease of seeing sheep! We went down to Lake Anna for a BBQ with friends who own a summer home on the lake. The second Wilson was out of the car, he could smell the water! I was dragged downhill to the dock and he was wet up to his eyeballs instantly, all thoughts of sheep-herding erased. One of the neighbors nearby was throwing a big party on their dock so we headed over there.
I so wish I had had my camera along. Several young adults were hurling themselves into the water, cannonball-style, one after the other, splash, splash, splash! Jimmy went ballistic wanting to control the herd of swimming people. He ran out into the water and started swimming for them as fast as he could! They were pretty far out and he just kept going. He was gonna round them up no matter what! After much shouting from me, he eventually turned around, and came back. So we played fetch for quite a while, much to the boys delight. At one point, another totally great photo-op I missed, Wilson dove off the side of the dock after his stick. The dock was at a minimum, two feet above the water! This left Jimmy stranded on the dock, wanting to jump in, but too scared. He frantically paced back and forth a few seconds, figured it out, and ran back off the dock, entered the water from the shore, swam out to Wilson, and stole his stick!

We finally headed for home at about 9PM. The instant the dogs were in the car, they were sound asleep! And they pretty much slept through Monday. I tried to take them for a morning walk, but they would have none of it. They took care of business and made it totally clear they wanted to go home.

Rain is in the forecast for pretty much this whole week. The boys have a long opportunity to relax and recover.
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