Monday, November 30, 2009

Coast to Coast

I have just returned from the post office where amazingly there was absolutely no line. How sweet is that?

Anyway, there is a Cardi Claus package on it's way to the other edge of the country, north more than south......Should arrive Wednesday, but the postal person thought that due to all the mail this time of year, it will more likely arrive Thursday. Hopefully the little box has a safe journey!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Outing

We always use the long Thanksgiving weekend to get our holiday decorations up and also find some festive activities to kick off the season. This year we decided to go see the tree lighting at the National Harbor. The harbor is a relatively new (an very upscale) tourist destination on the Potomac River just outside DC on the Maryland side. (Back in the nineties, this location was a quiet secluded cove where boaters would come to raft up and everyone would waterski and float the hot summer days away. We kept a boat at a DC marina back then and enjoyed this little corner of the Potomac many times. Boy, what a change this fancy waterfront is!) The tree was inside the Gaylord National Hotel in their atrium. It was quite beautiful. Here are a few photos from the lighting.

To give you a sense of scale; the buildings you see are full size houses, only a bit smaller than the house I live in. You can see a person on the balcony of the left house. What you can see is the second story to these buildings. The lower level had shops in it.

The tree itself was made of glass and was very beautiful.

In front of the tree was a fountain that would shoot water sixty feet up toward the ceiling.

Outside the hotel were many lighted trees.

Wandering around outside was a pretty gal dressed in a Christmas tree dress......

It was a VERY windy day, so we didn't spend as much time out by the river as we would have liked. It was just too chilly! So we went inside an ice display given by the hotel where they maintained the area at 20 degrees! And we thought it was cold outside. For my next post I have lots of pictures of the amazing ice sculptures we saw......

My Dog's Not Spoiled!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Christmas cactuses are a bit confused. Both of them are in full bloom right now! I've had them for years and years and they are reliable bloomers, albeit at Thanksgiving. So without further ado, here's my Thanksgiving Cactus......

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Agility Trial Photos Link

Here's the link to photos taken at the Talbot KC trial on Nov 1st:

The site loads a bit slowly.....This link should go straight to the correct gallery (hopefully!) but if not, go to the main site: And in the left upper corner, mouse over Gallery and select the one for Sunday 11/01 - Ring1 Standard, and from there select NoviceStand12.

This was the really wet and muddy trial, but Jimmy doesn't look all that dirty. He's a prissy little guy when it comes to puddles and such, so he probably tried his best to stay clean.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our aging hot tub needed to have a part replaced, so John decided he would do it himself, being the handy guy that he is.

Jimmy found the whole process quite facinating and came to inspect.

He moved in for a closer look........
He went around the other side of John to check it out from there.......

Even Wilson wanted in on the action, needing to see what he was missing out on. You never know, Jimmy might have been getting some sort of snack..........

Friday, November 13, 2009

Does this happen in your area?

This past Sunday, a new Wegmans grocery store opened about 4 miles from my house. It is situated off Route 7, a heavily travelled commuter route. For a week a head of time, an electonic road signed warned motorists: "Caution: Event Ahead". The first customers started to line up at 5am, two hours prior to the opening. Eventually, 11,000 people showed up to shop on this first day. There was a traffic jam created, requiring specially assigned police to handle the load. This isn't even the first Wegmans in the area. There's another one about two miles from my house in the other direction. (That one WAS the first one in Virginia, and oh, my, that one's grand opening attracted people from 4 states around!)

The new one is conveniently located along my way home from agility class, so I stopped by to check it out. At 8pm on a Tuesday night, the parking lot was full! It was a huge store, larger I think, than the first one. Wegmans is a very fun place to shop and an amazing grocery store. In the seafood section, they had a sushi bar for customers to sit and take a break. They were even serving beer and wine. (Not free, of course!) There is a section devoted to pre-cooked food of many kinds that you can buy and eat there as the store has a mezzanine level for seating (enough to hold 500 people!) and watching the goings on while you eat.

I don't generally shop at a Wegmans because the other one is very poorly located and getting out of the parking lot is very difficult and time consuming. It is always jammed with people as well. This new one has much easier access and is in a better location for me, so I think I'll be back! All in all, it's a very cool store.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please Vote for Wilson!!

Over at the Daily Corgi blog, Laurie is having a contest for best Halloween costume, which ends tomorrow (Thursday) at midnight. Wilson's photo is D5. To vote, all you have to do is email Laurie and let her know you are voting for "Wilson, D5". Here's the email address: .

I figured I better do a little campaigning so he gets more than just my vote. The competition is pretty stiff with lots of adorable corgis vying for winner.

Thanks alot!

Monday, November 9, 2009

His Obsession

I was going through some folders of pictures from a few years back and came across these of Wilson. We were out on a beach on the Potomac River....

This one is just too silly for words! I am not sure what that expression means but he does have rather pleading eyes.....

When the humorous face didn't do the trick, he must have switched tactics and tried to get his way with his ferocity....

And finally, happy, adoring eyes, as he finally gets his way, and the object of his obsession gets ready for another toss in the river.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Final Trial of the Season for Jimmy

Well, today was my last agility trial for 2009. It was at the same equestrian center as a couple trials back. Today we had much nicer weather, sunny and low 70's.

Jimmy's first run of the day was his first try in Open JWW. He did a really nice job, but, alas, dropped one bar. He had 44 seconds to get it done, and only used 33.

We then had many hours to wait until Novice STD. That was filled with rolling in horse poop, and eating as much horse poop as possible. It was very fresh horse poop, so extra good!

Novice STD finally rolled around at 3 pm. The judge, a very fun guy named Scott Stock who played great music for our walk through, gave us a very generous 69 seconds. He measured some very wide turns! Jimmy did his table, a sit, on the very first try. No bounce off then back on, just a nice quick sit. (Of course he did, I had just bought a table from the agility equipment company that was supplying the rings.) Jimmy also did his weaves on the first try, good boy!
He did everything just right and finished with a Clean Run! He also came in 33 seconds under time, yes, 33 seconds! Yet again, he earned his Rocketman nickname.
His very nice performance netted him the blue ribbon, well worth the long, end-of-day wait. I am very pleased with his first season, and I am very proud of this wild little boy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Silly Sleeping Positions

There hasn't been a whole lot going on this week other than work. So, I really don't have much to post about. Here are some pictures of the boys sleeping, which they did alot of this week!

Here's half a Jimmy, wrapped around the corner of the leather recliner........
Next Wilson has himself wedged quite nicely into his bed.....
Here he is from another angle, his sleep somewhat disturbed by my picture taking. The nerve of me!

We are supposed to get our first sunny weekend in a long time. Yippee! I hope y'all have a great weekend too!

Monday, November 2, 2009

In mud up to our eyeballs...........

and in off and on rain all day......Jimmy managed to pull off a TRIPLE Q !!!! Our agility trial yesterday was at the farm I talked about in my very first post, the one with llamas and emus. Well after several days of rain during the week, and lots of rain Saturday and Sunday, the agility rings could pretty much be described as bogs. I have never seen so many dirty dogs, and dirty handlers. We all had mud up to our knees and shoes you couldn't even see because the were encrusted with an inch of mud.

In this mess, Jimmy ran Novice FAST first, the Send being a jump to a teeter, and got 70 points for a first place ribbon. This completed his Novice FAST title (NF).

Next, it was Novice Jumpers, where he missed his weave entry( a first for that mistake) and was incredulous that I tried to get him to do it over. After much pleading and time wasting, he did it right and we flew through the rest of the course. Despite the slow time, we still Q'd and even got second place. This completed his Novice JWW title (NAJ).

Finally, it was Novice Standard, where we had yet to Q due to table issues. Today was a sit on the table. We flew through the course, and it was Aframe to table, so going fast, Jimmy bounced off the back of the table, Crap! But he came back, and I asked him to Front instead of sit to see if that would help. And it sure did! He finished the table. Yippee! He also refused the teeter, another odd mistake, but not enough to NQ us. So, even with 2 mistakes, we Q'd in Standard. YEA! And we even managed to place with a 4th.

So, a muddy, dirty, wet and gross ring is obviously Jimmy's thing or at least it brought us good luck! I even managed to stay upright in all that slippery stuff!

Jimmy is now Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man NAJ NF CGC. This little man ROCKS!
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