Friday, October 30, 2009

The Root of All Evil

Several years back, one of the local doggy daycares hosted a Halloween Happy Hour at a close-by Holiday Inn. This of course included a costume party, much to Wilson's dismay and distaste. We cobbled together a costume from a bunch of Halloween junk and came up with Wilson being The Root of all Evil as symbolized by the devil horns and blingy dollar sign necklace, with a nice vampire cape thrown in for good measure.. The judges walked among the contestants, stopping to ask us what Wilson was supposed to be.

Lo and behold, we won the grand prize, winning because the judges loved our originality.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


With nothing more than an eight hour car ride, we went from summer fun on the beach to a glorious fall day in the woods.

Here are a few shots from this morning's dog walk.

Despite the overnight switch in seasons, swimming is still the preferred activity, cold water or not!


Tuesday after work, we headed down to Myrtle Beach once again. It is great to be down there after the crowds have all gone home. We got so lucky with the weather! Absolutely gorgeous beach weather, we even swam in the ocean! Even for South Carolina, I wasn't expecting such lovely summer weather. Having taken/posted so many "dogs on beach" pictures recently, I thought I'd just share yesterday's sunrise over the Atlantic, taken from our balconey.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocketman !!!

Yesterday, Jimmy earned himself a new nickname in Jumpers: Rocketman. He had 41 seconds to run the JWW course, and he did it in just 20.91! This earned him the blue ribbon by a long shot! For that matter, he was faster than every single dog that ran in Novice, except one, a 20 inch Brittany who finished in just under 20 sec. It was a very exciting way to start the day!

Novice Standard was the last class of the day (as it usually is!), so we waited many hours for our next run. Alas, despite practicing downs when Jimmy was super high, and rewarding table work both at class and home, he absolutely would not do the table. This is the third NQ due to this issue. On the positive side, the rest of his run was nice, good running contacts, fast weaves on the first try, etc. I guess that little bugger just doesn't want the action to stop for 5 seconds!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In the style of artist Bev Doolittle

Amanda's picture that she posted today on her manymuddypaws blog reminded me of this photo of Wilson from a previous winter. I liked Amanda's picture for how the colors of the dogs played with the colors found in the leafy/snowy background. My photo does a similar interaction of Wilson's brindle with the old dried leaves and his white trim with the areas of snow. He blends in well enough that it brings to my mind the art of painter Bev Doolittle, who is well known for her style of camouflage painting. I am a big fan of Bev's work.

Many millennium ago, I was an Art/Photography major with a minor in Art History. I graduated into the poor economy of the early 80's. I quickly learned that I would starve if I pursued a career along those lines and headed down the budding computer fields track. I still enjoy "thinking" about art/composition/color relationships, etc., even if I wasn't lucky enough to make it my life's work.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Blogs Collide

At the CWC Club of the Chesapeake Specialty, the blog worlds intersected.

Here we have Wilson and Jimmy, and Spencer and Scout from over at Simple Things.

Next, once again, Wilson with brother Spencer, and Scout, and Scout's sister Moira from over at Life with the Horde.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Would you let these guys sleep on the bed?

We hose the boys off when we get back to the boat launch area to get off the salty water and sand. Then a good toweling to dry them somewhat.....They are always very pooped from all the swimming and head straight for the bed for a long nap. Despite all the freshwater rinsing/toweling, the spots where they were sleeping are thick with sand! Their coats really soak up ALOT of sand!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Desert Island

Here's another view of the beach we go to with the dogs. It truly is an uninhabited island, bound by the ocean, the Intercoastal Waterway, and an ocean inlet to a large salt marsh. There's absolutely no worry about getting a ticket for letting the dogs off leash!

The boys decided to do a bit of exploring in the interior, behind the dunes......

Off we go, this looks like fun!
Hmmm! Ouch! Maybe not! The sand is really hot and there are sand spurs! Yowza!

Whew! We're back!

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