Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ribbon Quilts and Wall Hangings

The other night at agility class, one of the students, a woman I see at almost every trial who runs PWDs, came in to show the quilt she had made from all the ribbons one of her PWDs had earned. The dog had died much too young and she had the quilt made as a memorial. It was simply amazing and gorgeous! The quality of the work combined with a very artistic sense of color made for a beautiful quilt.

I know lots of us have ribbons tucked away in boxes and bags. This could be something to look into. The website is called the Quilting Cove. She makes all sorts of stuff, but the page for things made from dog/horse ribbons is . The quilt I saw in person is the very last one on this page: , the one for Kurkjian. Just like we always say on Corgi-L, I am not affiliated with this person, or know her, etc., but I thought her work was very worthy of reporting on. At any rate, give it a look......


  1. Thanks for sharing this very cool idea - I have tons of ribbons stuffed in boxes etc...I'm feeling crafty again!

  2. And she's a really nice person too!

  3. Very nice - thanks for sharing! I'm really liking that chair back.

  4. What a great way to display the ribbons (mine are in boxes where I typ to keep them flat).


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